Mental Fitness: Foundation to Career Success 

Is your mind getting its workout?

While Physical fitness is a well-known concept, focusing on exercises and routines to strengthen our bodies, mental fitness is lesser known.

Just as we exercise our bodies, Mental fitness involves specific exercises designed to fortify your mind and emotional well-being. It equips you with the skills and strategies essential for handling stress, making sound decisions, effective communication, and maintaining a positive outlook – all vital components of a successful career.

Climbing a mountain (Photo by Pixabay:

Imagine this mountain.

In order to conquer it, most of us have to put in months, maybe even a year, of rigorous training and working out just to stand a chance. This is because we need to build up our stamina and resilience. 

And you know what? Mental fitness is kind of like that, too. Life throws all sorts of challenges at us – little bumps, big hills, and sometimes towering mountains. 

So, we have got to prep our minds just like we do our bodies, to handle all those stressors and obstacles.

It's like giving your mental muscles a workout, getting them ready for whatever comes your way.

Embracing mental fitness can yield numerous benefits, including enhanced resilience, improved focus and productivity, effective communication, goal clarity and motivation, stress management, better decision-making, and increased confidence and self-esteem.

Based on survey results from >2000 participants from the Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness programme, the results reported:

  • Boost in performance - 90% were able to use mental /emotional energy more effectively, 92% were better at teamwork & collaboration
  • Boost in wellbeing - 91% were able to manage stress better, 85% increase in happiness, 83% improvement in self-confidence
  • Strengthen relationships - 82% improvement in relationships, 84% better at conflict management, 97% improvement in empathy

Recently, I integrated the Positive Intelligence Mental fitness training programme into a series of career coaching sessions, and the results were nothing short of extraordinary!

Here’s what some of my clients have to say:

“Prior to this program, I often found myself preoccupied with thoughts of the past or future, lacking a structured career plan, especially after a recent career switch. However, through this program, I cultivated the necessary skills, and practices for improved mental fitness, which enabled me to achieve a significant milestone in my career goal. This transformation has positively impacted both my professional and personal life, enhancing my problem-solving abilities and allowing me to approach challenges with a greater sense of calmness.”

“I left a toxic work environment which had made me burnt out and demoralised. I engaged career coach Suelin, who coaches mental well being and fitness. That stuck a cord after my ordeal. After the career coaching session, I have moved from burnt out demoralised state to a more positive outlook. I have gained knowledge and know hows from the sessions which equips me and give me confidence to work towards my near and future goals. Suelin is a patient listener and unbiased in her views. She coaches with passion and genuineness.”

If you would like to find out more about what I do in mental fitness training and how it can help with your career - do book a free mental fitness consult HERE with me!