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    About Me


    My name is Sue-lin and I work with Working Professionals who are stressed / overwhelmed and searching for greater fulfilment and success in their professional or personal lives.


    Together , we look into the root causes of your stress, and develop strategies to achieve balance and avoid burnout.


    My approach includes:

    1. Exploring options such as a career / job change and an action plan on how to get there - this would include personal branding, resume & LinkedIn optimisation, interview preparation as well as networking techniques


    2. Developing better stress management techniques - I use a science based approach looking at the mind & body, looking at your nutrition / lifestyle habits as well as helping you to create good habits and routines with just 15 minutes of practice a day over a period of 8 weeks.


    My ultimate goal is to empower YOU to lead a more fulfilling and balanced life!



    Find out more about me and my journey here 



  • How It Works



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    Book a free discovery call, so that we can have a chat to see if we are a good fit and if I'm able to add value to you.




    Schedule a time

    We will then talk about which programme fits your needs and upon payment, we will schedule a time for the sessions.



    I will meet with you for our coaching sessions over Zoom

  • Testimonials

    Find out what some of my clients say about my coaching services!

    Ching Hong Er , Digital Strategist

    I strongly recommend taking life coaching sessions with Sue-lin. Her sessions allow you to take charge of yourself and better manage your overall performance to achieve your life goals, both personally and professionally. Sue-lin is an empathetic and active listener who offers neutral perspectives to your problems. Her kind, patient and friendly demeanor makes her coachees feel very comfortable talking to her. Thank you, Sue-lin for helping me to stay on track on my studies! 

    Ker Rey Ooi, SAP Consultant

    I was being coached by her. She has a therapeutic method of enquiring efficiently and get you to find answers within yourself. I found a job and successfully pivoted my career after that. 

    She is patient and works hard to excel in this career as a coach. I believe you can also change your life with her guidance. 

    CK Chen, Sales Manager / Entrepreneur

    Sue-lin is a strategic thinker and a good listener that makes her a professional career coach. She empowers her candidates to identify their positive career progression pathways, coupled with extensive knowledge in guiding them to adopt SMART goals and how to optimise their LinkedIn profiles for increased search visibility by hiring managers. I would highly recommend her to active jobseekers. 

    Jonas Mendelsohn, Ph.D.

    I am pleased to have been coached by Sue-lin. She is an active and caring listener who provides objective advice in a reassuring, non-judgmental, and pleasant manner. I found her insights and professionalism to be highly useful and would strongly recommend her as a life and career coach.

    Jo Tay, Programme Manager

    Sue-Lin helped me through each step of transitioning to a new industry and was always helpful and responsive when I needed additional guidance. She gave actionable feedback and sound solutions, at the same time providing an empathetic listening ear. She’s the go-to person if you need a cheerleader in your court. Highly recommended.

    Dina Abdullah, B2B Sales and Account Management

    Sue-lin Tan was instrumental in my landing a role at BCG's RISE For Business programme as their first hire for B2B Sales and Account Management.

    Since I completed my BCG RISE 1.0 course last October 2021, we are entitled to career coaching, role-seeking, and interview advice with Talent 33. Assigned to me was Sue-lin. Her coaching sessions were informative and a refresher on how the job search landscape has changed over the years, bringing me up to speed with her sound advice. Sue-lin also is a terrific listener. I wholeheartedly recommend Sue-lin as the calm, realistic and objective voice in career coaching, enabling her charges to reach their highest potential. I'm delighted where I am at BCG, and I attribute Sue-lin to being a part of that journey.

    Joanna Soh, Admin Exec

    Sue-lin was a consultant for my career search and her work always went above and beyond expectations. She has a knack for providing clear insight that helps me make crucial decisions for my career choices and she did so in a way that was easy to understand and digest.

    Su-lin knows what’s important to me not only that, but she’s always open about her recommendations and never fails to answer questions when they come up.

    JY, Marketing Professional

    I left a toxic work environment which had made me burnt out and demoralised. I engaged career coach Suelin, who coaches mental well being and fitness. That stuck a cord after my ordeal. After the career coaching session, I have moved from burnt out demoralised state to a more positive outlook. I have gained knowledge and know hows from the sessions which equips me and give me confidence to work towards my near and future goals. Suelin is a patient listener and unbiased in her views. She coaches with passion and genuineness.


    After attending Suelin’s well being sessions, it was a process that helped me understand myself better. It shaped my decision making process when there was more than one job offer. Throughout the job search process, Suelin provided coaching and guidance in approaching interview questions and they were critical in honing my interview skills for success

    Adib Yusof, Project Coordination Manager

    Sue-lin was a motivator and provided great feedback as a career coach. Her questions and suggestions during mock interviews really helped in my preparation for the real interview. Thank you Sue-lin!

    Carol K, Reinvention Coach

    Throughout our coaching partnership, Sue helped me analyse things from different perspectives. She opens my mind to better understand things we discussed.


    I was motivated to conscientiously and diligently work on setting priorities, time management, breaking away from old habits and adopting new ones, and ensuring that I consume the right foods and sufficient minerals, vitamins, etc..

    As a result, I am able to have longer periods of sleep and am no longer in bondage to any devices at night whether for work or leisure. I have better control of my life and feel healthier and happier.


    Sue is a coach who ‘walks the talk’. I see her putting her knowledge into practice and I feel her sincerity in helping me move forward. I’d recommend her to another who is in need of support to live a healthier and happier life.

    Suhana Hamzan, Certified Health Advisor

    Before I started the Mental Fitness bootcamp, I was so judgemental to myself and had no awareness of things that can sabotage my self esteem.


    I then set a goal to be a better and kinder person. The bootcamp did help me to train myself in having realisations on most of my action and decisions that I take. What surprised me the most is how my saboteurs have been dominating my life that makes me stuck (I am mostly an avoider). Having this kind of awareness helps me to stop accepting this saboteur action and I can now move forward to achieve my specific goal in life.


    Thank you Sue-lin for being the best coach to me for the past few weeks. I appreciate your assistance so much and I hope this bootcamp can help so many people to move forward and achieve their life goals too.

    Apple Ng, Influencer @apple_miss_whatever

    Overall the bootcamp has helped strengthened and complemented my meditation routines. I have been practicing mindfulness and meditation for a few years but i often still feel drained by bad situations. But after learning about PQ reps, I find myself handling difficult situations and conflicts much better by just using a simple technique to regulate my emotions.


    Sue-lin has been such a patient coach in guiding me to discover the deeper purpose of my goal. She has also helped me to develop a more precise action plan to achieve my goal. It’s really helpful to have identified the major mental obstacles that have been sabotaging my goals and tainting my worldview. This is definitely a bootcamp for you if you are keen to dive deeper and understand yourself at a higher level.


    I have also somehow developed more empathy towards the ones I’ve been hostile. With a change in mindset, communicating with them now became more peaceful and less stressful.


    Thank you for the kindness and non-judgement guidance throughout the past 8 weeks. I’m so grateful for igniting all these positive changes in me that would follow me through all circumstances in my life.

    Dr. Zuraihan Zakaria

    I had low self esteem, and constantly assume that things will go wrong. The bootcamp helped me to see myself, others and circumstances differently, which helped to increase my self esteem and give me the courage to try. Just do it! Even if I'm not successful, there will always be a good outcome out of it. I am now able to appreciate my life and the people around me more.

    PeaLing Lee, Regional Media Director

    In the past, I always start thinking from the negative side in most of the circumstances. I wanted to shift towards more positive mindset. But I was very skeptical and reluctant to try this bootcamp as i don't think it will work for me. Surprisingly, week by week i started seeing/ feeling things differently, in a more positive way i mean, through all the PQ reps and the learning about saboteurs and sage. I feel less stress and could manage my negative emotion better.

    Sheau Chian Wu

    I was lack of confidence and regretting of a decision made that caused some unhappiness for few months. I was hoping to build my mental core muscles to get away with all the negativities and unhappiness and this mental fitness bootcamp has helped me to see things from a different perspective. I realised now that I am able to see how the situation can be improved and I'm now able to learn to look from the Sage perspective rather than judging from my Saboteurs. It is not easy but I'm doing this 1 step at a time, bit by bit.

    Grace Chong, 7 weeks Career Clarity + Mental Fitness participant

    I found it very informative! I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions! Before the programme, I felt very lost in terms of my career direction and I am not sure who I can approach for help. My friend introduced me to Sue-lin's programme and after I took up the 3 days session I decided to continue with the 7 weeks programme. I am still exploring what career to work towards, but I gained a lot of informative tips of how to update my resume, what to prepare for during an interview, how to network etc. I also came to recognise that career is just one portion of the Wheel of Life. This course has get me started thinking on exploring ways where I can get multiple income streams so that I do not rely just on one career which is not stable. I would highly recommend this programme!

    Anonymous, job seeker, 7 weeks Career Clarity + Mental Fitness participant

    I had just came out from toxic working environment, suffering from some kind of PTSD (self doubt, etc.). Unsure of what I want to do next. I wanted to have better clarity on what I want to do career wise. The programme not only giving us better clarity, helpful framework and useful tools, but also improving our self confidence and teach us how to shift our mind to see something from more positive light. Moving forward, I will be able to look for a role that are aligned with my values and career goals.

    Gobinath, 7 weeks Career Clarity + Mental Fitness participant

    Prior to this program, I often found myself preoccupied with thoughts of the past or future, lacking a structured career plan, especially after a recent career switch. However, through this program, I cultivated the necessary skills, and practices for improved mental fitness, which enabled me to achieve a significant milestone in my career goal. This transformation has positively impacted both my professional and personal life, enhancing my problem-solving abilities and allowing me to approach challenges with a greater sense of calmness.

    A.C, Career Clarity Coaching client

    I embarked on a career coaching journey with no expectations seeking guidance to navigate professional challenges. To my delight, sue lin not only met but exceeded those expectations in ways that pleasantly surprised me.


    Initially, I anticipated receiving generic advice, but sue lin took the time to deeply understand my unique career goals and challenges. Her personalized approach was refreshing and set the tone for a transformative experience.


    What truly exceeded my expectations was sue lins ability to provide actionable strategies tailored to my specific needs. Instead of generic solutions, she delved into the nuances of my industry and career path, offering insights and advice that were both practical and insightful.


    The most surprising aspect was sue lins holistic approach, addressing not only professional goals but also focusing on personal development. This well-rounded perspective added immense value to our sessions and made a profound impact on both my professional and personal life.


    I've not only achieved professional milestones but also developed a newfound confidence and resilience. The coach's guidance has been instrumental in shaping my career trajectory and enhancing my overall satisfaction in the workplace.