Career Coaching

Career Coaching

🌟 Unlock Your Career Potential with Personalized Coaching Packages! 🌟

Embarking on a journey towards professional growth and fulfillment can feel daunting!
Our tailored career coaching packages are here to guide you every step of the way. Whether you're seeking clarity on your career direction, polishing your resume, or preparing for that crucial interview, we have a package to suit your needs.

Choose from our convenient One-off Session for quick, targeted guidance... to our comprehensive Premium Career Transformation package, which includes a 7-week Mental Fitness Bootcamp, bonus sessions, and unlimited email guidance.

I'm committed to helping you achieve your career goals with confidence and clarity. Choose the package that resonates with you and take the first step towards unlocking your full potential today! Or speak to me for a customised package!
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Choose from the below packages:

One off session:
- 1 session (60 mins)
- On any topic i.e. clarity on direction, resume review, interview prep, job search strategy, LinkedIn networking

Essential Career Boost :
3 sessions (1.5 hours, 45 mins, 45 mins)
- Action plan and goal setting 
- Resume crafting
- Interview preparation

Standard Career Development :
5 sessions (1.5 hours, 45 mins, 45 mins, 45 mins, 45 mins)
- Action plan and goal setting 
- Resume crafting
- Interview preparation
- How to Network 
- LinkedIn branding and networking 

Premium Career Transformation :
5 sessions + 7-week Mental Fitness training
All of the above
- Including prestigious 7 week Mental fitness training
- Bonus sessions, templates, networking scripts, unlimited email guidance

Read on to see what some of my clients have to say about our career coaching sessions

Dina Abdullah , Sales & Account Management

Sue-lin Tan was instrumental in my landing a role at BCG's RISE For Business programme as their first hire for B2B Sales and Account Management.

Since I completed my BCG RISE 1.0 course last October 2021, we are entitled to career coaching, role-seeking, and interview advice with Talent 33. Assigned to me was Sue-lin. Her coaching sessions were informative and a refresher on how the job search landscape has changed over the years, bringing me up to speed with her sound advice. Sue-lin also is a terrific listener. I wholeheartedly recommend Sue-lin as the calm, realistic and objective voice in career coaching, enabling her charges to reach their highest potential. I'm delighted where I am at BCG, and I attribute Sue-lin to being a part of that journey.

Jo Tay , Programme Manager

Sue-Lin helped me through each step of transitioning to a new industry and was always helpful and responsive when I needed additional guidance. She gave actionable feedback and sound solutions, at the same time providing an empathetic listening ear. She’s the go-to person if you need a cheerleader in your court. Highly recommended.

CK Chen, Sales Manager / Entrepreneur

Sue-lin is a strategic thinker and a good listener that makes her a professional career coach. She empowers her candidates to identify their positive career progression pathways, coupled with extensive knowledge in guiding them to adopt SMART goals and how to optimise their LinkedIn profiles for increased search visibility by hiring managers. I would highly recommend her to active jobseekers. 

Jonas Mendelsohn, Ph.D

I am pleased to have been coached by Sue-lin. She is an active and caring listener who provides objective advice in a reassuring, non-judgmental, and pleasant manner. I found her insights and professionalism to be highly useful and would strongly recommend her as a life and career coach.

Ker Rey Ooi, SAP Consultant

I was being coached by her. She has a therapeutic method of enquiring efficiently and get you to find answers within yourself. I found a job and successfully pivoted my career after that. 
She is patient and works hard to excel in this career as a coach. I believe you can also change your life with her guidance. 

JY, Marketing Specialist

I left a toxic work environment which had made me burnt out and demoralised. I engaged career coach Suelin, who coaches mental well being and fitness. That stuck a cord after my ordeal. After the career coaching session, I have moved from burnt out demoralised state to a more positive outlook. I have gained knowledge and know hows from the sessions which equips me and give me confidence to work towards my near and future goals. Suelin is a patient listener and unbiased in her views. She coaches with passion and genuineness.

After attending Suelin’s well being sessions, it was a process that helped me understand myself better. It shaped my decision making process when there was more than one job offer. Throughout the job search process, Suelin provided coaching and guidance in approaching interview questions and they were critical in honing my interview skills for success