• My journey so far...

    To share abit more about myself, before I embarked on my journey as a coach, I was working in advertising (media planning), I was constantly stressed, worried about everything, and after losing my mum to cancer, the additional stress from that caused my body to go into imbalance, causing all sorts of strange symptoms like itchy/ painful eyes, severe brain fog, nausea and dizziness. Coping with this together with the added stress of work, it started to feel overwhelming and I started wondering if there was more meaning to life than just work.


    I realised that health was the most important, so I took a break, gave myself space to breathe, think and explore, and worked with coaches, and wellness practitioners, which eventually helped me to regain my health, discover my passion and my purpose!


    I have now pivoted into a completely different career as a Career , Life Coach (where I have now coached over 500 adults from all walks of life) and Mental Fitness Coach. I have discovered new hobbies and learned how to manage my stress better, and how to better take control of my life.


    If my story relates to you, I would love to work with you on your journey.


    I am now a:
    - ICF certified coach (ACC)
    - Career Coach with 33 Talent, providing career coaching support to learners from the RISE programme by the Boston Consulting Group
    - Mental Fitness coach with Positive Intelligence 
    - Certified StressCoachU coach
    - Certified Health & Nutrition Coach


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